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Jayne Todd

Are we seriously interested in what Jayne Todd has to say? This smells greatly of a woman scorned! How is it that in the two years that this boon-doggle has been happening that nothing until this point has been said by Jayne Todd. I think that all of the folks that supposedly are now retracting their statements and blaming what they have said and written on the former Sheriff is the worst signs of being a coward. How do these people wake up and look at themselves wach morning without a self-loathing is a mystery to all of us.

It is certainly easy now to blame all of your own shortcomings and lies on the former Sherrif. It is of my personal opinion that these "people" that are currently testifying or have testified are the lowest form of human waste. If my children were to perjure themselves the way each of these people are doing they would have a come to Jesus meeting and spanked. These are the idiots and liars we trust to keep us safe in our lives and now all of a sudden Ronald Hewitt made us do it. How many lies and how much garbage are we expected to take from each of these liars?


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