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I have listened to the audio of Ms. Todd's testimony and didn't hear Shreiff Hewett's name a single time. As a matter of record isn't is true that Ms. Todd has been a friend of Justin's since he was in High School? Isn't it true that she was a friend of Ronald's before he ever became Sheriff? Did they not graduate from High School together? If Sheriff Hewett did wrong, which he was convicted of doing, he has paid the price by going to jail. And now isn't it true that as a deputy she isn't allowed to have a personal and social contact with a convicted felon? If Sheriff Hewett's actions affected anyone in another department they should be allowed to testify to that fact without being called a liar. Were you present when any of this took place? I have known Ms. Todd for many years and have always found her to be truthful, honest, hardworking, dependable and an asset to the Sheriff's Department. If you feel so highly of Ronald why do you think he would have hired so many idiots and liars (your words not mine) and kept them on the payroll for so many years? How many more years are women going to be treated as subsurvient doormats by men before our court system brings justice to the females. Perhaps you were there, perhaps you participated in the injustices some officers have experienced, perhaps you are one of the "good old boy" club. Have you been in the courtroom every day listening to all the testimony? Are you going to take the stand against Terri? If not, then why not? You sound like you know more than anyone else so you should testify about the lies those testifying are telling. You sure sound like you have "insider" information so maybe you'd like to share it with the rest of us.


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