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Re: Terri insider information. What I have is common sense which is something you seem to lack in your argument.

Again, not a part of any club other than the common sense club. Sorry, you obviously can not be a member! It is amazing that when those of us feel offended that ignorant remarks such as yours appear. They appear because you have no valid arguments to make on your own self worth. They are made to detract away from the conversation and or argument at hand.

Try being objective and open your mind to the fact that your opinion may not be the only one that has merit and or value. I simply stated that it is easy to change your testimony 2 years later to adapt or adjust to Terri's statement. If I ruffled your feathers then maybe you should stop reading my opinion. You are no more wrong for saying what you feel about Terri or the Chief or whomever for this matter, but when you try and make this personal because you lack integrity and have no other valid opinion or arguments that is plain sad.

I do not believe until recently anyone has read anything from me stating ignorant quips about the good ole boys club or any other silly comments that has nothing to do with the trial at hand.

If you feel threatned by open and honest debate then maybe you should not debate. I am entitled, just as anyone else, to state my opinion. The beautiful thing here is that if you do not like my opinion then you do not have to respond and if you do respond, respond intelligently. The silly quips about the good ole boy club and insider information is a lack of something intelligent to say. Again, just my opinion.


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