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Common sense

No, Thank God I don't qualify for membership in your "common sense club". I am blessed. And why would I argue on my own self worth? That has absolutely nothing to do with the testimony given in this case or you. The most important thing in this case is what happened, who is telling the truth and who has the evidence to back up their case. If anyone has proof that anyone testifying is lying then that person should come forth with that evidence and charges of purgery should be filed. Nothing you have said ruffled my feathers, I'm not a chicken, then maybe I'm not edge u mi cated enough to know the difference. I'm too ignorant to attend school, was kicked out in first grade for being too old to attend. I'm open minded enough to wait to hear the whole story to voice an opinion. You are correct when you say you have a right to your opinion and likewise if you do not like mine you do not have to respond or read it. If there was a debate here then I would debate with the best of you. What I have seen so far is accusations of lying on the witness stand with no proof to back up the accusations. Show us your proof that any of those who have testified has lied. And just for your information I am retired and have had many years working with governmental officials.


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