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Jayne Todd

I have known Jayne Todd all her life and I do not believe she would tell a lie of any kind or for anyone on the stand in court. Just get over it. I am proud of her expertise in law enforcement and how she conducts herself as a lady and an officer of the BCSD. She is very compassionate about her job and about the people of Brunswick County, her family and her fiends of which she has many. She has investigated and help convict crooks, robbers and other in court that need to be sent away. I am a female and have also been discriminated against because I am a lady that could perform my duties on a job just as well as the man doing the same thing. It is a known fact that women are paid 77% on the dollar and men get the whole $1.00 for the same work. As for Ronald Hewett, ....he has paid his dues...he is paying along with all his family. Let's leave him and his family alone, but pray for him and his family. We are neither male, female, Greek nor Jew, but one day we will all be SONS of God...that is if you are born again and live for Jesus Let's pray for our Sheriff Department,Holden Beach Police Department, and America.


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