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Re: Common Sense

Whether you were kicked out of the first grade or not is irrevalent. Again, ignorant remarks like this has no place in a civilized conversation which you are obviously not capable of handling because you feeling are hurt.

Your remarks about waiting for all the facts is a complete distortion of the truth. You have not waited until all the facts are in. You have pretty much written off the government officials as liars. The way your comments read everyone but Terri and her croonies are lying. Where is your sense of fair play now? Seems as long as you can make this one sided that it is fair in your eyes.

Again, being retired or not has no basis for conversation, at least not in this conversation. I am sure that since you have all of these years of experience working with government officials you are capable of being fair, open-minded, and waiting with baited breath to hear all sides such as you have been here.

Being cynical is not what I would call being open for debate and conversation. Just for your can be highly educated and be void of commen sense. You can be highly educated and completely ignorant or you can be highly educated and ignorant and void of common sense.


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