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"common sense" "common" i can think of no better word to describe you beachbum.... "common" intellect.. "common" courage, as your plenty out spoken typing on your keyboard but when the chips are down you'll be found fetal and your diaper moist... leaving us all to wonder who exactly are you, what kind of person are you. your no good citizen or some genius as youve been trying to convince us all.. your barely grade school material as far as your ability to look up words and barely thread together a thought that convays your single minded thought process, your attaking someone for standing up for what she beleives in as if virtually muddying her name could compare to putting your career on the line to testify in a court of law... do you know jJayne Todd personally... i do... i find it hard to believe she would lie on the stand considering the job she chose, which as you may or may not realise with your "common" reasoning is to represent the law to her fullest... and as long as ive known her that is exactly what shes done.. do you even know what ignorant means.. you should look it up becuase im sure youll find that you and it have a "common" definition......


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