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My name is Carla Sands and I

My name is Carla Sands and I am currently suing my ex-employer, Pulaski Police Department and the Chief because I was discriminated against and wrongfully terminated. I had been a patrol officer for almost 20 years when I was terminated but had never received any disciplary action for the first 15 years. It was not until our city government promoted the captain to the position of Chief of Police in 2005, that I suddenly began recieving one reprimand after another for so-called violations that were not in our policy, handbook, or had ever been known to me before. It was obvious the new Chief did not like me because I was the only one receiving this type of treatment and I was the only female in patrol. After every reprimand, the Chief would say the same thing, "you can do yourself a favor and quit now, or face more to come in the future". Then he would act like he was really doing me a favor and say, "if you quit, you can go somewhere else and I will promise to give you a good recommendation and not tell them anything about all the write-ups you have in your personnel file so it would be in your best interest to quit while you still can". Every time I refuse to quit and sure enough, weeks or a month later, BAM another reprimand. After receiving nine in a period of four years, he terminated me because he said the previous write-ups were evidence that I was a liability to the city and my behavior reflected badly upon on the good officers that served in the department. That was the most hurtfull thing that has ever been told to me in all the years I was an officer. What made it even worse was the fact that I had told him after the sixth write-up, almost a year before that I would never do anything that would bring shame upon the department and I always made sure to be aware of my actions, on and off duty so that nothing I did would put the department's integrity at risk. For him to say what he did on the day of my termination was the lowest blow that he could have possibly done to me. I felt as though I had been gutted with a knife. The main reason I am writing to you is because since I was fired in April 09, I have struggled with no being able to find a job, fighting with bouts of depression and my health is deteriating. I despriately need some words of encouragement and just to talk to you about what you went through could make all the difference in the world to me. Please contact me at and I will forward you my phone number or address so that we can correspond. Thanks


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