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Guest, you don't get it

I have problems with annonymous posters who do nothing but post and do not take steps to correct an issue. I made enough stink over drunk drivers, and made a few calls to Raleigh and voila one of the top law enforcement guys came down over the 4th; they focused on DWI incidents and look how many were ticketed and hopefully there will be a reduction in future drunk drivers accidents.

Look at all of the people who posted against Senator Soles, Rex Gore, Pender County's Health Director. They use rumor and innuendo; they never really post anything but second hand gossip and hear say; and do not have the stones to go to a higher level to resolve the problem.

Look at that Pender County organization, with its smiley, little Director. They were putting a dog in the fight. They made wild charges and innuendo statements. One school principal was suspended thanks to her; and once his name was cleared, he resigned. Look at all the guff she threw at the school board. After all the time and money spent to review and investigate her allegations; nothing was found. And neither she or her organization have had the decency to apologize.

I have problems with annonymous posters who try to defend huffers and drinking drivers when there is no defense and they have nothing redeeming about them.

I also have a problem when someone responds to an intelligent post, and there are others beside me who do some research and think before they post, without even reading or understanding the post.

And I do have a problem with weasels who make charges against someone, as they did against the Pender County Health Director, screened from the camera. Somewhere, there's supposed to be the right to face your accusers.

I also think, if you go back and look, I have made very few references to unidentifiable posters. An exception might have been the little pimplehead who was going to wring my neck after I posted about the huffing driver and her pending day in court.

Before I post, I normally have read the N&O, Wall Street Journal, Star News, & Civitas. Look back at some of my posts -- particularly the ones on state government when the legislature went back in session to work on the budget. I posted very specific numbers and salaries for many of the state agencies. I still do not understand why nearly every state agency has at least one staff attorney; and consider the AG office in theory is the State's attorney and available to any state agency for counsel.

I still do not understand, in the budget environment which our state is in, with a THREE BILLION DOLLAR deficit facing the Legislature next term, how the head of the Lottery Commission and the Director of the State Art Museum EACH get paid over $250,000 annually. Heck, they make more than the Governor.

No one's perfect. If they were, in my religous beliefs, we'd all better be getting ready to make a final journey. Some will ascend; some will not.

See what happens. I have many faults. Lacking passion and the willingness to put in the time necessary to attempt to correct issues or at least keep the focus on the relevance of a topic is not something you'll find in me. & they do know me in Surf City.


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