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Erin Holden in Columbus County

Maybe Scott Pickey needs to come to the Columbus County courthouse and see Erin Holden. All that the Great Rex Gore did was get the heat off her be moving her to Columbus County. I am a law enforcement officer in Columbus County and I have seen first hand what Erin Holden is doing. I watched her dismiss criminal case after criminal case. I watched her set court date for defendants on dates that wasn't the charging officers court date, meaning the officer won't be there because it wasn't their assigned court date. If an officer does not receive a subpoena they won't show up and if the officer doesn't show up she dismisses the case. I have around 12 cases that have been set on dates other than my court date and I am yet ti receive a subpoena. We the officers are the ones out on the streets everyday and every night trying to keep the criminals off the street and here we are with Erin Holden sending them out free. So please Channel 3 check into this women who has no care for the law.


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