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Most corporate credit card policies....

....include a statement such as this:

"The card is intended to be used for business related expenses only. Personal charges unrelated to business are not authorized and such use of the card may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The company reserves the right to pursue recovery of unauthorized or personal expenses even after an employee's termination, which may include civil remedies and/or criminal charges."

WDI needs to adopt a similar policy, and I must question either Mister Hinnant's knowledge and experience or his ethical fiber.

If he is unfamiliar which such a common business practice, then it points out the danger of appointing "someone's buddy" to be in charge of the till. How could he not know this...and why would a man who makes a salary as high as his have to float a loan to buy groceries?

More likely he is quite familiar with such provisions from past employment, but now considers himself above the tens of millions of Americans who live within such rules every day.

This isn't some small, family-owned business where such practices are common and accepted. As long as taxpayer money is subsidizing WDI, the accounting had better be spotless. If not, it simply fuels the fires of corruption that are becoming the hallmark of this county and state.

BTW, Kevin.....has the audit revealed the records of repayment....?


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