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Today's word of the day:

Today's word of the day: CHUTZPA...

In another local news venue we find this story:

I am most confident that WWAY will be according this story its own well done treatment soon too.

The long and short of this story is that Mr. Sparks' engineering firm was engaged to inspect an apartment complex to determine its suitability for purchase by the Wilm Housing Authority. The engineering firm OK'd the purchase. Unfortunately this apartment complex has been found to be unfit for occupancy.

It was disclosed in earlier reports that the original contract with the engineering firm required that the firm carry errors and omissions insurance. THIS INSURANCE WAS NOT PURCHASED BY THE FIRM.

Had this firm been properly insured, Mr. Sparks would be represented by insurance company attornies and the city would likely by now be reimbursed.

Mr. Sparks' lawyers want the CITY to pay for their services in defending Mr. Sparks for HIS NEGLIGENCE... CHUTZPA. Temerity to the tune of about $8600!!!

Money is hemmorhaging out of our budget and here's our council all atwitter about a guy who bought some groceries and a few cigars with a company credit card.

Council needs to spend some time in front of a mirror and think of its own actions before ripping Mr. Hinant to pieces...


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