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Speaking of incompetence

Boo-hoo! No, no relation to the chief or have a personal stake in the game. All of you sympathizers out there that think the sun rises and sets on Terri Oxford are sadly mistaken. Because someone that is educated actually thinks outside the box and frightens you because I do not drink the KOOL-AID you all drink should not be bashed. I guess this is your only true defense is that when someone does not agree with your thinking or mentality let's start bashing and making accusations that are utterly rediculous.

Maybe, you should educate yourself to what the truth really is instead of assuming Terri is the truth and the light. The problem with ignorance is that ignorant people have no clue that they are ignorant. Maybe you should investigate before speaking or in this case writing your pitiful "We Love Terri" garbage and dig a little deeper into this instead of believing everything that you are told from one side. Has it ever occured to you that there two sides to every story and that not all that is told from one side may not be the exact way it happens or is it to difficult for you to open your minds up to actually determine that?

It is easy to blame and much more difficult to actually put personal feelings aside and investigate what truly has happened. I just pray that if I ever am in court none of you are on my jury. In your minds everyone but Terri is guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty in this country? Seems that the Chief is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt and there is no need in continuing the trial.

Oh yeah, U is spelled YOU. Please do not comment on incompetence until you can spell your own words correctly.

And FYI.....there is more than just one that sits on anyone's side. How about you worry about you and the rest of the world can worry about themselves.


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