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Not Out of the Woods Yet

Seems the City Council is withholding funding until an audit is completed and reviewed. First by WDI Board of Directors and then by the City Council.

And when the topic of funding for the buses to carry folks to the Eagle came up for discussion, it nearly sank. Seems Council Members had some concerns if the funds would be given to WDI for payment to the bus vendors. The funding was only approved with the stipulation the City would pay the funds directly to the bus vendors.

Mr. Hinnant, can you say "Lack of Confidence" in leadership?

You might want to start putting some resumes out. Not certain what your chances are?

But, the CEO of Hewlett Packard resigned due to some lapses in leadership and failure to set a high standard of performance.

In this economy, with the Feds reporting a net loss of 171,000 jobs in July after the trillions spent on job creation and economic stimulus, using a "company" credit card for stogies and groceries sent the wrong message.

With cities and counties cutting budgets and eliminating programs to make ends meet, the City has no choice but to look at the performance of the WDI & the value added to the city by its performance. That points straight at you.


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