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Don't drink it until it's flushed, clear and CFPUA says ok

I would call CFPUA, tell them what is wrong with your water and ask if your particular neighborhood's water is being fixed. 8 years ago, I was told by a helpful water utility employee that if your tap water suddenly turns color and/or smells not to drink it, only bathe in it if you feel brave! He said at any time you might be getting water from an alternate source during maintenance, maybe you have unchlorinated water due to a malfunction or something else. You have no way of knowing, so he recommended you not drink it until the water utility said it was fixed on your particular street, and you see that it runs clear after you run the outside hose to flush out the sediment before using the taps or running ones inside a few minutes. After 10 years of calling every other week due to this recurring, I just buy bottled water treated with reverse osmosis or distilled and NEVER drink straight tap water anymore. It might take days for the water to be fixed and more specifically your street's water. CFPUA will not announce the all clear or to boil it in a timely fashion so don't wait on them. When I have heard to boil it it was usually days after the fact. Sniff, look at the water and call them until they fix it! We pay either way.


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