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I hope that we have a big

I hope that we have a big change in DC come January. Vote all of them out. Some of these Senators should put a stop to the current bunch in the White House who are running up enormous amounts of flying time. Air Force One costs $55,000 per hour to operate. This doesn't include the security force's travel and the extra airplane carrying the president's limo. I'm sure that the former presidents abused the expense account using AF1, but the way our current administartion is in the air almost every day should be looked at by Congress. Hilliary is always in some foreign country. Obama is trying to do a state by state campaign trail, and an unreasonable number of foreign trips.

Why doesn't Congress, including Mike, try to rein in some of this waste? Every penny counts and these guys in DC should learn that there is such an invention as video-conferencing. Congress controls the purse strings!

Mike is Congress, I think. At least for now!


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