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the check is in the mail.

They had more excuses over the delay in mailing state tax refund checks.

Wonder if the state Mail Room, which processes all outgoing state mail, will bog down?

That was the excuse used for checks dated June 29 not going in the mail until July 9.

On a serious note, the $34 Billion only carries them through mid November or Thanksgiving at the latest. Does that mean we'll see another crying song in November when these dollars expire? At what point does it end? I guess that will be Pit Bull Pelosi and Spineless Harry Reid's final gift to the American taxpayer before they lose their majority in the House & Senate.

They reported this funding covered about 2 million individuals. That works out to about $17,000 per individual. That's roughly $3400 per month. I guess that's how they can afford cell phones; my mistake, they get those free through that Safelink program.

I hate to say it, but there are jobs out there; they may not be the best jobs; they may require indivduals to work 2 part time jobs to support their families. But at some point, those who are physically able need to get off the government gravy train. Food Lion, Walmart, Sams Club, McDonald's and a host of other employers are hiring.

But maybe they've heard about the Government's plan to bail out Toyota. If you're on entitlements, the Annointed One will have Toyota put a free Camry under your tree at Christmas. Maybe that's it; get the car so you can drive to work.

I hope, regardless of personal beliefs, every tax paying voter will think about these types of things when they vote in November.


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