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Back Up Those Figures

WWAY has never actually said how much money was spent on travel. They just said they 'heard' it was in the thousands of dollars. They don't have anything to back those figures up with at all! We certainly won't ever know for sure because they will never actually do any real journalism and check facts like those. We also don't know how many people came down, because WWAY didn't say that either. For all we know, it WAS just the victim and a parent or parents, but previous information said they were from Michigan, and plane tickets for 2 - 3 people can be very expensive. You asked if they were being transported in a limo, but we don't even know if the state actually paid for any rental cars, because WWAY didn't say what the supposed thousands of dollars was for, so they might have rented cars themselves. According to the news last night, the ADA gave a face to face interview to the WWAY reporter (although I don't understand why she would bother with the way WWAY has been on a mission to destroy ADA's in Brunswick County lately), so why didn't he ask her those questions then? Or did he ask her and get answers and WWAY just didn't report them because then the story wouldn't be as good? Those are questions people need to be asking WWAY, not the DA's office. Maybe the public needs a sit down interview with Scott Pickey instead of him needing one with Rex Gore!


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