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Wilmington is just as bad

I worked at the FilterQueen distributer in Wilmington for about a month as well. I even quit my job when I was promised about triple the income I made at my last job. The owner there made you think that this guy was your best friend in the world and was a smoooooth talker. But when you had a question about something, he made you feel like you were the dumbest person around. Youd be told one thing one day then the next day when you mention it, he tells you the complete opposite then makes you feel like an idiot because you just should have known better...

Granted, I sold 2 systems and made 700 in commission....but every time I asked about where my paycheck was, the answer I got was "We'll have it for you tomorrow". It wasn't untill I made the mention that I would contact the Better Business Bureau that I got a paycheck. It was 3 weeks at that point.

The hours are no where near worth that job either. Especially if you have a family. Your required to go to a daily 9am meeting thats about 2.5 hours long, that you are NOT paid for, but it is mandatory to be there. Your hourly pay doesnt cover your travel time. Your paid when you get to the house and call in, then your "clock out" is when you call back for your call out script. then after that you could be there 1-2 hours later doing paperwork, cleaning up, getting references etc. If you do more than 1 demo a day your looking at the 9am meeting to start then not getting home until around midnight. The meetings are M-F then you do demos 7 days per week.

I really really like the product, both the majestic and defender are amazing products, but I'm not paying 5000 dollars for them... and it was not worth losing my precious family time. The little time i did get to be home, I was so tired and depressed about not being with my loved ones that all i did was lay in my bed and cry.

Thankfully, my previous job was happy to hire me back and I'm much happier and appreciate what I do so much more. AND I'm getting payed when I'm supposed to


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