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My niece AND husband have BOTH worked for this company and have BOTH been screwed. They received absolutely NO PAY after selling MULTIPLE cleaners and working ENDLESS hours. i will say that no one person is the big scam artist because every office nationwide has at least TWO that recruit people to advertise and sell the items in question to their friends and family with promises of office appointments and wages and everything else. My husband was charged $60 for insurance on HIMSELF and me niece $30 for HERSELF to be insured to go into MY friends and families homes. The ad in the paper was for a "factory" position at $15.95 an hour, nowhere did it specify that amount "if you are lucky" it is all built on a foundation of LIES from the getgo. They GUARANTEED 15 appts a week at $20 per appt, appointments that the company was supposed to give them and even went as far as to say they would research FULLY the places they were sending them. Which at first began as hotels and businesses, then became the homes of people that we know. Let me ask you this. How the HELL are we supposed to know THAT many people to sell this crap to? Eventually one will run out of people to scam. So of course the job goes nowhere. Except to the people at the top of the PYRAMID. Both my family members busted their asses worked 12 hours a day selling this. Never seen a dime. It isnt about laziness or anything else. Its about liars and scam artists.


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