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Set the record straight

I couldn't help but comment on this posting. Through the years with Airstream(11 years total) It never fails we always have someone in each training to find some reason not to work. I myself have no problem with you eliminating yourself from training. If you are looking for a reason not to work when you first start, then you certainly won't work once you start running office appt. However, I do want to clear up this matter. The News article above happens to be with another company altogether. Purecare of Wilmington is no longer in business. Not sure what the reasons and I am not going to start pointing fingers about how bad she ran her company, because I don't have all the facts about her company. However I can speak from experience every person working for our company is told exactly how they get paid. You must do at least 5 appointments weekly, If you do less, You only make money if they buy, of course that is only 10 hours a week. If you can't work more than that then you should be looking elsewhere any way. I have never had a problem getting my check from the company or cashing it for that matter. I am certain if you look hard enough on the internet you can find someone who feels they were cheated by any company. Simply stated if you do what you are hired to do you want have any problems. I am going to end this with letting everyone know who I am by posting my name at the end. Unlike the other people I am not hiding who I am. It would be alot easier to respond to these problems if we knew who these people were. So in the future, Don't hide your name so we can resolve these so called issues. Tell you name, don't be a coward. My name is Shane Smith.


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