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i used to work for pure care..... enough said

I worked for Pure care over a year ago. after u go through this interview with 15 people and Rebecca stated it wasnt a JOB just over broke it was a career. she gave us so many days to complete demos for familys that COULD AFFORD ITT.... then there was another catch to why we didnt get paid.. so after i practically begged my family to buy some i did get a pay check of 850 dollars after 13 days and about 9 hours of shows. but everytime i didnt sell i was threatened to lose my job and every time we sold we got to pop a balloon and i popped one and i won a cruise.... super excited.. she even gave me the broochure with the different destinations and everything the catch was she didnt sign the back page so it was a pointless peice of paper. She pretty much flaunted that she owned alllllll these vehicles and land and made us feel inferior.... it was a good lesson learned that you reap wat u sew and her high and mighty self found her self with alot of people hatin her and a failed business...


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