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For the Mayor to be such an

For the Mayor to be such an honest woman 1)why did Betty Wallace throw her own sister out of the house that the sister had lived in over a yr to take care of her parents 2)why did Betty Wallace call her brother in front of the police officer telling they would have to get eviction papers on her sister to put her on streets homeless.Lynise Hicks stayed at Island Resort courtesy of Mrs Canning,the owner,because she had no where else to go.Ms Melton just gave the sister a ride to the home because Hicks had no vehicle,thanks to the mayor.That is real family love now isn't it.Ms Melton has been guilty of nothing except helping out a friend.Sounds like to me this will all be settled in court.Maybe whoever wrote other comment just has a grudge against Ms Melton.Ever thought being Mayor has gone to Mrs Wallaces head.


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