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Bladen County Voting

The worse thing about this election cycle, or is it now a unicycle, is that it has shown what kind of elected officials we NOW have.
We have had county commissioner Delilah Blanks try to vote twice knowing full well that it is against the law, the very law that she placed her hand on a Bible and swore to uphold and she gets off because she was stopped before she voted the second time and we all know who she was voting for, don't we? Funny that she never needed to test the system until one of her's ran. Then the charges, if there ever were any, were dropped because she was stopped beforehand, now let's see, does that mean that I can rob a bank and if I get stopped beforehand, the charges get dropped?
Then on top of that she, while she is caught with her hand in the cookie jar, or was it the ballot box, she tells a baldface lie on one of the county employees, Larry Hammonds, one of the most upright people that I know, (so if they catch me at the bank, it's his fault, just let you know ahead of time), and again not a single county commissioner has the bal*s to move to kick her off the board for breaking the law or lying on a county employee but when one of their's is let go from his job, all of a sudden they all grow a set and want to do something with someone. this kind of one hand holding everyone's eles' set is why we need term limits for all elected jobs. At least then, after their term was over they could be allowed to have their set back, if they were nice and she wanted to let them go.


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