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I guess it is very easy to

I guess it is very easy to judge someone when you don't know them. I assume that is how you have come about your comments toward Billy Ward. Yes, Billy Ward was a North Carolina Highway Patrolman and served the State well, as he took the oath to do. You must not know Prentis that well either. You got the part right about 20 yrs at the S.O. but Supervisor???????, handle stress?????, I don't think his give me pie job has been stressful. Has he ever worked the road and had to deal with the life threatening stressful tasks of real law enforcement, NO. I think we all know how he got his rank. I have never seen him demonstrate any signs of supervisory skills. I think you'll be surprised why Billy Ward left the Patrol and it definitely is not embarrassing. On the other hand, let's ask why Prentis' money man and want to be Sheriff, former North Carolina Highway Patrolman Bob Meeker, terminated his career with the Patrol???????.


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