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WOW! Put the patchouli down people...

Every single one of you has misspelled words and terrible grammar, so I guess the schools around the lake were as bad as all the others in the county.

REALLY? You guys are so bothered by the removal of a 12 ft alligator? One that would easily kill a child near the waters edge? Or a dog going after a ball?

Get real hippies and uneducated, grammatically retarded dropouts.

Its a danger to that could end up in your backyard one night when you go to put something in your trash can. How would you like that? A 900 lb animal doing a death roll with your leg in its mouth.

Face it...humans are more important than an alligator, owls, snakes, plants, frogs, deer etc etc etc. Thats just how it is. Anyone that thinks differently needs to move out with the animals and speak from there...but that wont happen will it? Youre too accustomed to your AC, cable, internet connection and every other luxury that we as HUMANS have...and you wouldnt last 15 mins LIVING in the outdoors. So put the bong down, take off the tye dyes and join the rest of us in the real world where humans live and make the decisions here on earth.


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