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It's interesting that a poster with eleven missing punctuation marks, a reading comprehension error (600 lbs., not 900) and a spelling mistake (it's "tie dyes") would lecture everyone else on their inferior skills. But more importantly, I'm not certain that it is at all self-evident that "humans are more important than an alligator, owls, snakes, plants, frogs, deer etc." We're more successful as predators, to be sure, and more intelligent, but more important? By what standard? I like AC and the internet as well as the next guy, without a doubt, and I understand that precautions need to be made when dealing with large predators that, often due to human foolishness, lose their fear of humans. But I don't couch the need for safety and security in any sort of odd philosophical language about a great chain of being, and you really ought not to, either. If we apply this standard whereby the strong are more important than the weak within the human community and not just between humans and other animal species, things get ugly in a hurry.


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