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an interesting point

Wow this has been an interesting case. The jurors 10 were all cring and meeting Terri and saying that they tried so hard and could not understand the other two. They stated something was fishy about the two because all 10 felt that it was obvious the case was on Terri's side. SO the new information.... the elder gentleman that voted against her stated to her attorney that woman ARE treated differently and thats just the way things were and that why he voted against her. WOW I cannot believe he said that, he and the Chief must be from the same upbringing. NEXT, the other lady mentioned in the story her name was Mooney, well the jurors felt, as stated by them, that something was just not right and she seems begrudged against Terri and other officers that testified for some reason. Guess what, a family member was arrested by......yep Terri on a few accounts. If only they would have brought their suspisions forward earlier to the judge and she would have been dismissed and probably charged. This is unbelievable, this you only hear about on TV. I think the mini series should be next. The other jurors knew something was up and tried to convince to what they say was obvious discrimination, but now we know a revenge scheme and chauvenist held up justice. That makes more sense now why they deliberated so long. Funny enough the defense did not agree to mediation before but now they are screaming for it. The funniest thing was that i heard a juror went to the HB chief and shook his hand and stated no hard feelings but we did not like you. Now thats an interesting point!!!!


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