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Ward/Independents & Republicans

A good number of my family, friends, and I are registered as a Republicans in Bladen County. We have not had much say in recent history regarding the election for Sheriff. With no Republicans or Independents running for that office until now, the winner of the Democratic primary has been the "de facto" Sheriff. That has changed now. I am happy to witness this change. After discussing the matter with a number of others from both camps, I really cannot envision any scenario (a gun to my head, a loved one kidnapped, etc.) in which I would vote for a certain Bladen County Commissioner or anyone whom she supports. I would like her to know that it is neither legal, nor moral, nor even acceptable to "Vote early & Vote often!" In simpler words, it is illegal and you cannot do it. Unless, of course, you get caught and no one prosecutes or punishes you in any way. In that event, it is not really a law but, more of a loose guideline or recommendation and you might as well do it again and again and again....afterall, there is no threat of punishment!
I would also like certain other parties to know that it is "verboten" to allow a Sheriff's Dept. employee to carry an absentee ballot to a third party to be completed by anyone other than the person for whom the ballot is intended. And in the event that you are considering doing so, please stay out of the cemetaries and leave the dead alone! I understand that you believe that you know their true intentions regarding the upcoming elections and that you only wish to kindly help those who cannot help themselves cast their absentee ballots but, this too is illegal. Or is it also one of those loose guidelines that we have here in Bladen County?
And in closing,....Go Mr. Ward! You have my vote!


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