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Assault causes trauma?

It is suppsoed to. Many officers suffer much more deadly attack sand return to duty to keepthe peace.

The county sheriff's responsibilities are much more complex than a traffic cop. Also, much more stressful. I fear for the mental ability of a peace officer who was terminated because he was attacked by a guy with a hammer.

Form 4473 of the BATF form asks questions about mental stability and hospitalization for mental problems which must be answered truthfully before anyone can purchase a firearm. Answering any question "Yes", especially #13 disqualifies an applicant from purchasing a firearm.

Since most officers have access to firearms, as an issue item, I wonder how a county sheriff can have access to a firearm who can't legally purchase one.

Again, the question among some the voters is: If Mr Ward can't handle the stress of a traffic cop (road patrolman, same thing), how can he possibly be an effective county sheriff.

It is too important to ignore when election time arrives. This spin that Ward is a retired state trooper should cease. Both incidents, not just the one about the hammer assault should be publicized. One of the incidents won't be brought out but can be found in the newspaper archives.

We need a strong sheriff, one who won't fold under pressure. The potential is too great for me to consider Ward for county sheriff. In fact, I think I shall stay home on election day. Benston is a settled headed, gentleman whose ex-mother-in-law stupidity has tainted his election. She is a connivor of the worst sort who will do anything to get her way.

Thus with no real choice, the best thing to do is to ride out this election. If I vote, it will be for Benston He has no personal skeltons in his closet. The actions of Mr Storms has nothing to do with him. He is a hired hand doing the bidding of the sheriff without recourse. Else he will be unemployed. One does not buck Mr Storms as he was the best sheriff we've ever had in my lifetime. He does know that he can't run an agency divided and he owes no answers to anyone, especially Bill Pait, who is still whining about his nephew losing his job.


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