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First off I would like to address the question of being able to handle stress. A person who goes through a tramatic event and then continues on to get their Master's Degree from a University like the University of South Carolina (getting an education is stressful) can obvioulsy hanlde all types of stress. A person who can make it through a tramatic experience wether or not they continue in the line of work they were in at the time is irrelevant, it is how they deal with it and make their life better. Look at former Louisiana State Trooper Bobby Smith, he teaches law enforcement everyday what it means to suffer a tramatic event. So I commend ANYONE who has suffered any tramatic experience and make themselves to be the men that both of these former troopers are today.

Second, Mr Ward obviously can purchase as well as carry a firearm, he has been sworn with Warsaw Police Department and I don't think that chief told him he had to carry a blackjack instead of a firearm. This argument is just the type of political stupidy that the Benston campaign did the last time.

Benston while does have a level head (or puts on the impression of having one) the man has not stood up once and spoke for himself. All he has showed this county is that he is a puppet who will do whatever the right people want to get what he wants. He has NEVER done anything for any community in this county to include his own, neither has his mommy-in-law.

So while all of the Benston supporters want to continue to try to intimidate and run people down, ask them what has Benston done for this county (becasue there is nothing there), which of his subordinates has he had a long time intimate relationship with, and who is padding his pockets for him to stay to the side and keep his mouth shut. He has had plenty of opportunities to do the RIGHT thing and has yet to do anything except allow people like Herman Dunn and his mommy-in-law to make him look like a complete idiot...

Benston is a "Puppet".


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