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Billy Ward

Yeah! Sure! It is the sheriff going out there and solving all the crimes in Bladen County. Then, wonder what the other 40 or 50 people employed by the sheriff's dept. do? Excuse me, 35 to 45 since the high sheriff fired five people for Mr. Benston. Let's face it, what Earl Storms did probably would have to have been done regardless of which candidate won the primary reunoff election; but there is a vast difference in doing something just because one has the power to do it and keeping that power in check for the good of Bladen County. Earl Storms did not have to do what he did. If he could not handle the job of sheriff after being out of it for 15 years then he should never have accepted the offer from the county commissioners. Philip Little should be in the position that Earl Storms holds today and the sheriff's department would have rolled on until the November election and whoever the winner of that election might be then could determine who would serve at the pleasure of the new sheriff. If Billy Ward wins the election and I hope that he does, for the sake of Bladen County, I beleive we will see good law enforcement leadership and our sheriff's department will get back to being what it suppose to be "serve and protect" Mother Bladen's people especially our young people in the schools of our county. Yes, I really do believe that a strong anti-drug sheriff and and strong vibrant leader of our young people over at West Bladen High School can help turn aroung Bladen County and West Bladen High School school. Mr. Ward's opponent in the upcoming election was running strong, but the actions of his former mother-in-law on the county commission board; his new boss, Mr. Storms; and his campaign manager, Mr. Dunn, who is handling his campaign as a captain in the latest version of Bladen's sheriff department; all these in my estimation spell victory in the November election FOR BILLY WARD FOR SHERIFF. Earl's going to be out come November; Delilah I'm sure will have great opposition the next time she is up for election; and if the sentiments of the great majority of Bladen's voters are expressed on November 2 as it appears from the latest poll run by The Bladen Journal; the candidate for the democratic party should be already looking for a job. That is unless Mr. Ward has mercy on him and keeps him in the department "at the new sherif's pleasure." At least he has fair warning, that is more than the powers that be gave the five fired deputies back the early part of July. By the way, did anyone ever find out who gave the command to Mr. Dunn to notify these five deputies thay were fired? Was it given before Earl was sworn in? If so, then Earl couldn't have given it; because he had no authority to do so at that time. It certainly wouldn't have been the coroner who was serving as sheriff until Earl was sworn in. Don't reckon it could have been given by a county commissioner who supported Earl for the job? Nah!! That is too far fetched!!! Or is it? Don't go to sleep on this election Bladen; the powers that be are hoping that all this is just going to die down and people will forget about it, don't let that happen.


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