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Billy Ward

I have known Billy Ward all my life unlike alot of you probally have who are making all these negative comments about him, all you are probally doing is repeating rumors and here say. Billy Ward is a born again Christian and a good person who would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. I bet most of you who are supporting "Puppet" Benston do not even know about his career with the Bladen County Sheriff's Department. He has never been nothing more than a jailor, which is about the same as a security guard after all, that is what they are in state prisons is guards. He lands a pie job in the office which was political thanks to his mother-in-law. He has been in this stress free job out of the publics eye all these years. He has never done an investigation, nor has he had to run someone down and arrest them. He has never been a patrol officer out patrolling and enforcing the law to make this a better county. He has none of the main qualities a sheriff needs. Some people say a sheriff just needs to be a good manager, well if you have ever had any supervisor or management training you would know they tell you a good manager is one that can do the jobs he or she is overseeing themselves. Benston will not stand up for himself with all that has gone on here lately in the department. So what in the HELL do you think Benston will ever do for you and your family? You say what you want to, but Earl Storms was not much of a sheriff when he was in office and nothing has changed this time. All Storms did was "Puppet" Benston and liar Dunn's dirty work so Benston wouldn't have to do it if he wins the election. Rodney Hester was supported by Benston and Dunn's puppet master Bob Meeker in the election just to take votes from Eric Bryan. And now that Scott Pait is out of the department guess who is taking Pait's job. Well Rodney Hester himself, Yes he gave his resignation to the town of Bladenboro and said he was going to the sheriffs department and be the lead drug investigator. Looks like Meeker is lining up all his puppets. So before you all go and call Billy Ward crazy agian go look in the mirror and call yourself crazy for supporting this inexperienced coward puppet Prentis Benston.


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