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Excuse me

get a grip on reality.

Go into any county health center, and the majority of "clients" are undocumented. They have no insurance; they either do not have the funds to pay or feel they are entitled to free health care.

Where do you think the funds come from to cover those expenses?

If they want to work agricultural jobs, they can do so in a legal manner. They return to their country and put their names on the list to work legally. Organizations such as the NC Tobacco Growers Association and the NC Cotton Growers Association have agreements with the Mexican Government and the NC DEpartment of Agriculture.

The laborers come to this country, legally. They are transported to Raleigh; and from there they are transported to the farm or farms on which they will work. They establish the length of time they want to be in this country and work. They are paid a fixed hourly rate and receive 3 squares a day plus housing while here. The "contracting" farmer is responsible for them and their behaviour. They have a change of heart and want to leave, the farmer calls Raleigh and they are picked up and tranported back to their homeland. At the end of the harvest season, they are picked up and transported back to Mexico. And for the record, they take nearly all of the funds they make home with them to Mexico. And their pay is not subject to state or federal taxes or social security and medicare.

Throughout the entire time they are here, NC Department of Agriculture inspectors monitor the conditions under which they work and live as well as ensure all of their funds are paid to them.

Please do not insult intelligent people with that garbage that only the illegal and undocumented are available for this work.

That is just Not the truth. And these programs are available in every state with an agricultural base of economic activity.

Sorry Guest or Pancho, your point of view is filled with holes and will not hold water.

I do agree with another poster. Let those who are physically and mentally able, and receive entitlements, go to work in the fields under the same conditions I referenced above through the NC Department of Agriculture. Good healthy exercise might do a world of good and help with our obesity problems. Hard manual labor might encourage them to get off entitlements and accept a job at Food Lion, Wal-Mart, or Sams Club.


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