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There is a difference in who you use

Here is a tip...
If you rent, rent only from a property manager who is an active Realtor... (Yes there is a diffrence between a Realtor and Real Estate Agent)...
Here is why.. a Realtor is bound by the National Association of Realtors and their local Realtor Association to a stict code of ethics.

This lady (looking at the local agent list on and the North Carolina Real Estate COmission site) is not a licensed agent, therefor she is not bound to anything...
Had she been a Realtor, a complaint could have been filed.. If the rental was in the MLS, then it would have been a misrepresentation of material fact... A Realtor can get their Real Estate Licensed snatched up rather quickly, where it takes a bit more for a non-Realtor to get in trouble with the commish. and someone who does not hold a license and who is not a Realtor, can pretty mucgh do whatever they want... Think of a Realtor as using an extra, double-layered insurance policy so you don't get screwed, you are protected from both fraud and misrepresentation, and you (most of the time) actually get someone who knows what they are talking about...
Not trying to ptomote them, am not one of them, but I own a few properties and hades would freeze over before I made a purchase, sold, rented etc. unless the person was an active member of a Realtor Association.. It's the only insurance I have as a homeowner that I won't get screwed over... Like I said.. HUGE difference between a Realtor and just a plain ol Real Estate Agent... HUGE difference..
If I am not a Realtor, then how do I know? Because to save a few hindred bucks, I used someone who was not a Realtor, who had an active Real Estate License, and I ended up being bilked for thousands... Not again...


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