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It will stop when you stop

It's hardly back-stabbing to point out that people aren't doing their jobs, or are unwilling to help those in need. This group of nurses has decided they have all the power because of those who are backing them, but the power has already gone to their heads. Their callous lack of empathy for fellow employees is appalling. They are not good people, and their time will come. Those who step on everyone else on their way to the top won't be there very long.

In the end this may all be about control of the environmental health dept, either for hogs or other development, but politics can change quickly. At some point politicians may decide they backed the wrong horse and move to a new plan to get what they want. When that happens, and it's only a matter of time, it will be a very cold day for this group that has quickly burned every bridge they might have had.
If WWAY wanted to get the real story, they would be looking for the hand that wants to control the health department. Comm'ner Brown and Manager Benton are probably only the beginning. As you said, the rest is just smoke being used to try and cloud people's eyes.


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