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REALLY have to take these stupid tests with a grain of salt...I have a child that makes A's and B's all thru the year...gets to the standardized test and FAILS. They simply CANNOT sit down for that length of time and concentrate on a test. When they retest...they get extra time to walk away, take breaks and...guess what...she passes. These stupid test do nothing but cause a bunch of unneeded stress. In my childs case, the test shows NOTHING. ON top of it all..I got a call from the teacher explaining how bad my child had done and she needed to do better...I then replied that they bring home A's and B's all year long and what exactly was I supposed to say...ANYTHING I said would chop down the moral of the child and cause them to think they are doing bad...I then kind of got into it with the teacher and the teacher just replied...its what I get reviewed which my reply was...MUST SUCK to get reviewed on something that isn't a good indicator of progress...I then told the teacher that I wasn't planning on making my child feel like they had failed in ANY WAY...but I would stress the importance of the test and try to get them to realize they should try and concentrate and do the best they could...I bet I couldn't keep the attention of ANY of the teachers or BOE for more than two hours either!


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