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Well, Well

One looks at the results in Pender County and must wonder.

How much better might the results have been had the little leader of the County NAACP chapter not thrown a dog into the fight with unfounded and unproven charges against the chairman of the Board of Health. A fair amount of resources were expended to address those challenges and prove them all false.

How much better might a certain middle school have been had that same individual not spouted off with unfounded charges concerning the Principal. Could those students have done even better had the school and its leader not been distracted by that dog fighting little woman who talks big but can not substantiate a single allegation?

Is it not past time for her to apologize to the individuals whom she attacked? Is it not time for her to apologize to the Board of Education? Is it not time she appologized to the taxpayers of this county who fund the schools? For that matter, is it not time she apologize to her chapter members for placing them and their organization in such a discredited position?

The next time she spouts off, she may have a valid issue. But most thinking folks will remember the story of Peter & The Wolf.

Let's hope they keep her in the kennel if she can not back up what she charges.


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