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meaning less and meaningless; yes, both

First piece of meaninglessness: Early College did not meet growth? What happens when you're already that far? Oh sorry you didn't make improvements from 96%; so you're saddled with an NR (no recognition). If they are in early college, they are probably the smartest bunch of kids in six counties; however, sorry guys, you didn't meet growth.

Second piece of meaninglessness: It doesn't matter how well your school did. It doesn't matter how well your county did. It certainly doesn't matter how well your state did. It only matters what you did as an individual. When a student sees his or her school listed at 78% proficiency or worse while sitting there with all A's, scholarship offers, and a sense of accomplishment and pride for putting forth the effort, I hope he or she knows that it's about the individual not one person in a crowd of 800, or 8000, or a whole state.

Your education is what you do and what effort you put forth, not where you went to school and certainly not how well or how poorly others did.

It doesn't matter if you go to Harvard, Stamford, Chapel Hill,UNCP, UNCG, or UNCW. What matters is the effort you put forth.

If you go to one of the schools on this page that is put in a poor light, ignore it if you as an individual did well. And don't forget to brag

As for the state, for all the lack of meaning of high stakes testing, you need to take the ABC's and the AYP and try doing something right.


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