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I agree!

I know it is devastating hard on all involved...However it sickens me to read all these self defense excuses...At first yes I can see how the first shot could be self defense..but there is No Way No How that second shot was in self defense!!! Once he shot his brother and he turned to get away ..he was trying to get into his truck to leave so HOW tell me can you guys say you feel sorry for him? He obviously meant to murder his brother and did it in such a Cowardly way as to inflict gunshot as he was trying to get away!! IF Dale was as good a person as you protectors are saying he is he would have let Randall go after seeing he was unarmed and already wounded....But Instead he shot him again in the back and finished killing his very own brother! Wrong, wrong, wrong, and Cowardly no matter how you look at it. Prayers to Ericia and the boys


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