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My two cents

Although House was not fired for the DWI, he should have been the day after his arrest. Court proceedings have nothing to do with personnel matters. As a fire chief, he was charged with running a department who's responsible for protecting property from fire, handling medical emergencies and victims of traffic crashes. All too often, these crashes are, guess what, alcohol related. So to allow him to stay tells each and every one of the firefighters in that agency, it is OK to go out and drive drunk. That is not the example the chief should be setting. He plead in District Court and appealed to superior where the ADA messed up. The DA's office appealed that. Its not over yet. It doesnt matter to me if he was fired for the DWI or alledged sexual harrassment, he was fired.

It is bad for the department to have to deal with issues like that. The chief's DWI and the allegations of sexual harrassment give the entire dept a black eye. Sadly, there are women in all branches of public service who will yell harrassment if things dont go their way. That makes it hard for those women who actually do their job. I dont know what the allegations are and don't care, just stating a fact that things like that happen.


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