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Its clear your one sided....

With your comments titled Chief House, Its clear your for him if your not him. Everyone should be open minded and look at the whole picture here. We have a public official that was charged and blew what a 0.14 while driving a car...Yes it was dismissed for the ADA's negligence, but is being refiled...We know whats going to happen to that..he will be found guilty with all the media coverage. Dosen't matter at all if the charge was dismissed..he still was DRIVING DRUNK. I would be so embarrased with myself, they wouldn't have to fire me. And then to get on the phone on TV and say.."I was charged and I got out it, that's all it is to it".

Your clearly on his side when you talk trash about the female fire fighter and must know its obvious that you have worked with her. If you were true to yourself and not being a pom pas, arrangement, self center, moron, you would be evenly sided here. Your hoping people will read your article and side with you not knowing all the facts.

I'm sure you do not speak for every one at the last two stations she worked at to make the comment that they are not saddened to see her leave. Stop kidding yourself and stop spouting off at what you obviously know nothing about. The truth always comes out, and I'm sure in this real world this will come out.

It seems that when a woman enters a mans world there is always some men whole fell that they should not be there. We are in the 21st century and the bra burning days have been long gone, but its obvious in some smaller out of the way places, they did not get the memos.


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