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There is alot more to this story...

This story aired on the evening news, covering the entire country of Ukraine, thanks to a reporter that called me. Yes, there is alot more to this story than what was covered on the news. These girls are not allowed to see copies of their time cards and are not allowed to know the figure that is on their check that "is waiting at the store for them". I know this firsthand, because the owner Henry Shitrit has told me this over the phone. May I include the fact that Mr. Shitrit is requesting all of the cash to be returned to him that was paid to the girls before they can see the figure on their check. He has cancelled two meetings with me & the girls. He did make one meeting, simply to say that no students "stick around" to hire attorneys. They must return to school in their country. Well, guess what, Mr. Shitrit? I will personally see to it, that they get the money they are due for working in your "sweatshop", if I have to hire an Attorney for them. & being that you threatened to "sue" me over the phone after the news was aired & that you told me "my life was ruined". I'll see", makes me think hiring an Attorney at this time would be most appropriate. One other thing, I ask you, as a very proud American, to remove that raggedy a_ _ American flag that you just placed in front of Waves yesterday. You are an American citizen, correct? Then you should know that Americans wave our flags proudly and in good shape. If you would like, I will be most happy to purchase a new American flag for you.


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