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what vehement comments. About the only thing not mentioned or questioned was whether yours truly had a hidden interest in the store. For the record, I do not. & for those who know all, of course you know this is one of 20 or so stores in North and South Carolina all controlled by the same group.

How hard is it to read my original post?

Go to the Department of Labor. Either the state version or the Feds. Need help, see the Mayor. He can direct you to the proper folks in Raleigh.

They'll come into the store like a Cat 4 Hurricane and bring closure to this very quickly. & they'll bring justice to all.

They'll pull the time cards; they'll calculate the amounts due; they will get the amounts due -- either in dollars or tee shirts and shark tooth necklaces.

Better do it quick though, that store has had a Business Closing Sale sign up since the day it opened.

Want to send a real message? Get everyone to boycott the store. Go to one of the other stores; but make certain it's not one also controlled by those people from Myrtle Beach.

Me -- I'll sit next store at Quartermasters; sip a beer while not on the beach; and watch the Yankees continue to patronize the store right up until the day the Labor Depratment pit bulls string some tape and signs across the door.

Another day at the Beach.


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