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You throw out a lot of accusations.....

...and tell your story as if you were there working with these employees every minute of their time. I seriously doubt this is the case. Most of your "testimony" here is nothing more than heresay. Get a law dictionary and look that term up so you can clarify yourself as the witness you want to portray.

I'm not here to say these girls are lying or that the beach shop owner isn't doing things wrong. What I CAN tell you is this: These accusations are blatant violations of basic federal, and state labor laws. All it will take is ONE phone call to the state and federal department of labor and they will be on that surf shops owner like white on rice! They do not play! They will audit his employment records, pay registers and past employees. All monies owed will be promptly paid in full and the owner will endure fines that could put him out of business. All it takes is one silly, stinkin' phone call! No lawyers are needed, no courts are needed...just ONE phone call.

Now, THERE is the answer to all of these accusations. Step up to the plate and formally accuse this business owner of the afore said labor violations or shut up about it!!!

One more thing, go back to school and learn how to spell, write a properly constructed sentence, punctuate and capitalize. If you speak the way you write, nobody will listen to you!


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