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How many of you were there????????

While I should not be surprised with the posts here, I can't believe the assumptions that are being made from this story that has given us minimal information. How many of you, that posted messages, were there Monday night and witnessed this first hand? Probably only a few, in any. While this article gives no details, there are posts here that give assumptions of the sharks exact location, tides, sandbars, depth of water, the sharks current health at the time, the intelligence of the officers involved and the people in the vicinity. It seems most here have read a tiny a story and fabricated the details to make their point.

I do agree with most that I would rather nature take its course with out human involvement, but you have to understand the town of CB has to look out for the safety of the citizens first. It would be a huge liability issue for them to let it be. At the very least they would have to set up a safe perimeter around the shark to keep people away, monitoring the fish until it swam off or died.

I'm not sure if the CB official made the right decision, but its pretty funny how many here have made up their mind with minimal information.


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