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As previously commented you have to remember you are in their house. They did not ask you to be there so you have no right to rip them from their home. Secondly they were not bothering anybody and if you feel the need to swim in the ocean at 11:30 P.M. (a well known shallow water feeding time for sharks) then you are taking your life in your own hands anyway. Flip the script on that situation. What if it were you feeding and some idiot just came and ripped you out of the water and watched you choke to death and die?! You wouldn't be very happy would you?! Sharks were here long before us and they will be here long after. They really are natures perfect eating machine, but I think people need to educate themselves more in the category before doing something as ignorant as this. As for what kind of shark it is.... WHO CARES?! Its a shark none the less. They have every right to be at the beach as you do. And don't give me this God gave us dominion over all living animals junk cuz that is the biggest crock of crap I have ever heard! They have rights too, and no I am not siding with PETA on anything by saying that. Personally can't stand them. So in closing unless you have an intelligent response to this post, please save you breathe. I honestly don't want to hear it. This is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard of, and I think the guys who did it should be in prison for animal cruelty.


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