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Ok, I'll give it a

Ok, I'll give it a shot...


That shark was trying to steal jobs from American sharks. That shark should have been deported since he was trying to enter our shores illegally. If he wants to come here, he needs to get a shark visa. And if the lady shark has anchor shark babies, they need to be strpped of their U.S. citizenship and deported back to Atlantis or somewhere else.

We need to round up all sharks on U.S. soil and deport them. We need to make random traffic stops and ask the sharks for their papers. If they don't have them, they're outta here. We can't afford to provide health care for the sharks. They'll have to die on the beach like all other illegal whales, penguins and dolphins.

Of course, if the sharks are Canadians, they're kinda of ok. We won't be too fussy about illegal Canadian sharks.



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