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Where's the COP's! (DMF)?

Why wasn't DMF, (Division of Marine Fisheries) called or involved...?

[cite]Why in the heck did they pull it out of the water? Those sharks always come into shallow water to feed. From the photo it appears to be a Sand Tiger, one that is not permitted to be kept or killed. Tough to tell exactly from the photo though. Might not have heard the last of this, if in fact, it's a prohibited species.
also, where's their fishing license?[/cite]

Those "Officers" broke several STATE & FEDERAL Fisheries LAWS... *Ordering* these Kids to take this FEDERALLY PROTECTED SPECIES from the water...
A very BIG, NO-NO taking a FEDERALLY protected Species out of the waters, ie: it's environment, (the Ocean).. EVEN if it's "about to die", which I call BS!
Most, and best case scenario is, it was feeding on *bait*, Menhaden, (Pogies), for some of you folks,whom don't know what they are,have been running the surf in big numbers this past week,This Sand Tiger, while possibly, FEEDING/Chasing Pogies, got stranded on the sand, or Sand Bar, tiring itself out trying too get back into deeper water... Stranded by it's own WEIGHT!....
HELLO! HELLO! WHY!? wasn't DMF/NOAA, called?!
SO.....WHERE ARE THE COPS! Oh, wait they were the *cops*..
So they are "exempt"??? Because some *Tourist* ***MIGHT*** get bitten? B***S**t!, 99.9 % of Shark attacks are "Mistaken Identity"... on the Sharks behalf.. Or people swimming at times when Sharks are most active feeding, Dusk & Dawn, dirty water, OR when theres ALOT of "bait" in the water.....

What if this was a "Protected" Sea Turtle? OR a Dolphin? Would We have the same outcome?
Another word of CAUTION......
If you've seen some of the "Sharks" I've seen, (looking down from a Pier), I've seen up to 12 footers swimming in knee deep waters, un-noticed by swimmers near-by....
Remember this...
When YOU step foot into, or wade/swim in the Ocean, [b]YOU BECOME PART OF THE FOOD CHAIN[/b]......


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