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This is so sad, the Sand

This is so sad, the Sand Tiger is a protected species and is known as a very non aggressive species and a beautiful one at that. No wonder it was swimming in the shallows near the pier because THAT'S WHERE FISHERMEN DUMP THEIR BAIT and the shark was doing nothing wrong and merely getting an easy meal. The policemen should not have made this decision and should have contacted the fisheries department first, and now a mature shark was killed purely because of peoples' fear of the ocean's creatures. God created sharks just like he created us and when we step into the ocean we're entering the shark's domain. It's sickening to ready peoples' comments about this being a good thing and about putting up preventive measures to keep sharks out, if you're that terrified of sharks then go to the lake, don't get in the ocean! You have a higher risk of being struck by lightning than being bitten by a shark, and the majority of these instances are purely a case of mistaken identity by the shark. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a penalty handed out in this case because this is breaking numerous federal regulations on removing a protected species, and it's too bad someone wasn't there to say something about this when it took place.


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